Kind words

Below are a few kind words from a small selection of my clients.


“Liza’s combination of a warm, cheerful, reassuring presence and competent, experienced professionalism engenders the sort of trust and relaxation that one’s body needs to heal. I would recommend her to my family and friends without reservation.

During our first consultation Liza identified that I was intolerant to gluten. I cut this out of my diet and within six weeks my energy levels and general health had radically improved.

By our third meeting I had been plunged into a very physically and emotionally demanding crisis, and over the course of three months Liza’s combination of supplements, Bach remedies and balancing techniques supported my system in a way that truly astonished me. In the past, my track record under these circumstances would have been to lose energy and then become very ill.”

Delscey Burns, Cheltenham

“I went to Liza with a chronic health problem which had resisted all of my doctor’s attempts to understand and resolve.  Liza was able to establish the root cause of the problem during my first session and within a month of excluding the foods which I tested sensitive to, along with the support of a number of supplements which she suggested I take, I was completely clear and well within a month!” 

HC, Portugal

“Liza worked with me on a quite a few issues but the real change is that I have been migraine free since our session a year ago – I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

J. Huntsman, Yorkshire

“I was truly amazed at the difference I felt after our last consultation in particular. I had been experiencing severe pain in my hand, to the point where I was unable to do any upholstering, and when I mentioned it to Liza she offered to have a look at balancing the muscles which can be related to carpel tunnel type symptoms. I felt an improvement in my hand on the drive home, but was truly astonished the following day when my hand was practically pain free. I have since been able to resume my upholstering and know where I will go to if it ever happens again.” 

S. Warburton, Worcestershire

Client Testimonials